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Acoustic Consultancy in East Sussex

Acoustic Consultant in East Sussex

Are you looking to improve your acoustics and are based in East Sussex? We offer professional acoustic consultancy to a range of clients across East Sussex.

What is acoustic consultancy

If you have ever been in a room where it is hard to hear someone, a hall which has too much echo or tried to enjoy a relaxing meal out but you have had the constant sound of an air conditioning unit making noise then an acoustic consultant can help make a difference.

Improve you acoustics in East Sussex

Businesses across East Sussex can benefit from an acoustic consultant. Improving your acoustics can make the difference between a profitable business and one that just drifts along.
This is particularly important for businesses such as restaurants and bars. You will want there to be some atmosphere but people also need to be able to hear themselves. You will also want your staff to be able to clearly hear food order being taken to avoid mistakes and the cost of remaking the wrong order!
Sports halls and teaching areas can all benefit from improved acoustics. If students can hear better they will be more productive and for the teacher it avoids them having to either raise their voice or keep repeating themselves!

Acoustic experts in East Sussex

With many years experience working in a range of industries to improve their acoustic Sono Solutions can be sure to help. With our experience building garden studios in East Sussex, we will bring this knowledge to improve the acoustics in your workplace. This could be anything from a large sports hall, a swimming pool of just shared office space

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