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Acoustic Consultancy in Kent

Kent Acoustic Consultant

If you need to improve your acoustics and are based in Kent then our acoustic consultancy service is perfect for you.
By working with a professional acoustic consultant you will not just slightly improve your acoustics but hopefully, have the best acoustics in Kent!

You will no doubt know that bad acoustics are bad for business so why put up with it for any longer. We have the expertise and knowledge along with a proven track record of delivering great acoustic solutions to our clients.

Kent Audio Consultant

Our acoustic consultancy service covers the entire kent region working with businesses who need an area to be more productive.
This can range from sports facilities needing better acoustic in a training hall through to open office space which gets too noisy with chit-chat!

Covering all kent postcodes from CE19 to ME15 we can come to you and make a difference to what you and your visitors hear, or don't hear!

Great acoustics in Kent

One area we have had great success in is helping those with large areas reduce echo and reverberation. This is really evident in sports halls, school halls, swimming pools or anywhere with high ceilings! We are sure you have been in these halls and experienced how tiring it is with all the noise. Let us help you.
If you are looking to improve your acoustics at home for reading, writing or music production we can also help with soundproofed rooms and garden studios in Kent

Sound Consultant in Kent

Kent is a county that stretches from Tonbridge to Dover with Maidstone in the middle and we cover the entire area.
With neighbouring East Sussex so close we can cover both areas with ease and provide a professional sound consultancy service to all.

Don't put up with bad acoustics, let Sono Solutions take care of your sound!

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!