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Improving acoustics in the workplace

With open plan offices becoming more and more popular how do you juggle the issue of noise disturbing others while still allowing co-workers to work together and make the phone calls they need to.

When most offices are designed they are set up for the eyes not the ears but this one sides design is counterproductive. A beautiful looking office is great for productivity and impresses visitors but too much noise will ruin peoples working day and could lead to extra stress and therefore more time off sick!

We are not saying that you should have a silent office, in fact, silence is as bad as too much noise but that an office layout should be set out to allow for quiet areas, private meetings and phone calls all to happen without causing a nuisance to anyone else.

How can you improve this

The first thing you should look at is if your office space is set up correctly. Bosses are often in their own office so don't realise what is going on in the main "workshop" but if it is common for some team members to take lots of calls next to a team who spend their day entering data this may have a negative effect on them. After this look at if the right guidance is in place for staff. Unnecessary chit-chat should be contained to the communal areas!

How can we help?

If you have units within your office which make a lot of background noise (refrigerators, air con units etc) we can work with you to isolate these sounds.
If you work within a warehouse we can help reduce echo from tall ceilings. As professional Audio Consultants, a quick call to us could help improve productivity & reduce staff absences. Now that must be music to your ears!