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Options when having a Garden Studio Built

When having a garden music studio built at home we don't work off the shelf.

What this means is that we will sit down with you and work out what it is you need in the space, how much room you have available and what your budget is.

Normally you won't require planning permission for your Garden studio but we can advise on this and help you submit plans if needed.
Areas we would discuss would be internal space required, what you are going to be doing in the room and how this needs to fit within your budget.
We would also discuss the outside. If you are having a Garden studio built in your garden you will want it to not only sound amazing but also look amazing! It will be sat in your garden after all!

We can finish studios how you want and while a popular finish is Cedar there is no reason you cant have it black like this recent studio we recently completed. I am sure you will agree it looks amazing!

If you are thinking of having a Garden music studio built then why not check out our Studio Buying Guide which will help you pick a supplier