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The Benefits of Having Your Music Studio at Home

There are many benefits to working at home, whatever job you do. But creating and producing music in your very own studio at home can be even more beneficial than most – and not just in terms of financial advantages. Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of having a studio just footsteps away from your home.

Financial Savings

To rent a studio it could set you back a couple of hundred pounds a day depending on where you live. Therefore, if you’re needing to spend a lot of time in a studio putting together an album it can be a very costly experience, and not just in terms of paying for the studio time itself.
In addition to the cost of hiring a studio, the average person in the UK will spend 20% of their income on their commute. This means you’re spending a big chunk of money before you’ve even made it into the studio. Working from home means you don’t have to commute and you can reduce your carbon footprint too.
Having your own studio would take away some of these pressures and save money that you could be spending on better equipment or even marketing of your music. Not only that, but your studio can be making you an income while not in use if you choose to let it out to other local musicians, allowing you to offset the initial cost of installation quickly.

No time limits and better creative output

When you book a studio, often you have a set amount of time and need to be gone as soon as the session is up, even if you have a million more things that you’d like to get done. Well, when you have a home studio all this changes. You can work when you’re most creative and work the hours that you want to. If you wake up inspired in the early hours, you can head to your garden studio while the creative juices are flowing, which could lead to an improvement in the quality of music you’re producing.
Similarly, if it’s just not happening for you on a particular day, you can take a break to gather some inspiration, without feeling you’ve wasted valuable time that you’ve paid for.

Making changes and perfecting your music

Having the time to go back and change things that you don’t like or tweak something small here and there will make all the difference to your music. Want to try something unusual that you’re not sure will work? The only thing you’ll be wasting is your own time – and that’s only if you don’t like the end product.
With all these benefits on offer, both in terms of boosting creativity and saving money in the long run, is it time for you to look at whether having a garden studio would work for you?