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A change in the way we work is coming

We’ve always worked from home. In the beginning that was simply a financial decision as splashing out on an office was not a luxury we could afford; even the likes of Amazon and Apple had humbling beginnings so there’s no shame in it. Yet in the current environment there was still a taboo in this approach, embarrassment even. We saw things differently. It meant we could utilise any money saved on rates and rent could be pumped straight back in to investment of software, tools and an anything we could get our hands on that would make the business more efficient. 

Therefore since our inception our finger has been on the pulse of innovation and our eyes wide open for time saving opportunities and supporting applications from Zoom to Trello, Evernote to Hangouts, we tried them all.

So in these times of uncertainty we find ourselves operating in the same way, as well every other day. In fact we’ve found that the flexibility of this approach allows time to consider any aspect in more detail. Personally I like to get up and walk around when I’m thinking for a solution.

I can’t be tied into a meeting where solutions or responses are expected immediately. In fact we have a palpable distain for emails and meetings where the highest paid person in the room is usually vocalising what is about to happen based on what they think, as opposed to looking for some feedback or constructive rebuttal. And so we find ourselves in the heart of this pandemic of 2020 and wondering how the office of the future will look?

Can everyone save money distributing their staff?

Wordpress, who are present on almost 40% of the internet certainly seem to think so. Granted some businesses are easier adapted to the home model than others, but the impact on the environment with the unprecedented times is unquestionable.

The Climate Change debate has almost disappeared from the headlines and yet that specific subject has never looked healthier! Air pollution is down 21% and it only takes a curious glance up to the night sky to see how clear things are.

This morning instead of firing up the laptop and preparing the task list for the day, I took the dog for a walk. Well I tried to run, but felt compelled to walk, as my procrastination of the future office was front and centre in my thoughts.

At Sono we work with musicians and composers all over the country, none of whom are 9-5 types. In fact their creative juices flow in the strangest of hours and so working from home is the only way. The natural habitat for these studios end up in the garden where we seem to have carved out a little niche of the Garden Studio with a professional standard. We are not about to diversify our business too much, as I love it. But maybe we can help with an office at home that does not need the professional control of a music studio, but a whole lot better than the reflective environment we are all painfully experiencing now on Zoom with meetings taking place in the kitchen!

Stay safe.