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What does an acoustic consultant do

Sometimes when we tell people we offer acoustic consultancy they don't really understand what that means we do so we thought we would cover a few key areas of our acoustic consultancy service.

Stopping unwanted sound

You often don't notice good acoustics until you hear bad ones but put simply we can help reduce unwanted noise by instaling sound barriers, sound absorbers or by changing the layout of your area.
This could be anything from helping block the sound of extractor fans from a kitchen through to adding privacy areas into offices for better meetings.
We will look at options such as reducing airborne sounds (sound travelling via the air) plus any sound coming in via the structure or ground.

Improving acoustics

Anyone who has tried to teach or coach in a large sports hall will probably have worked in some halls where you call out instructions and no one can hear what you are saying! we can help improve that.
We can also work with venues such as Bars and Nightclubs to improve the acoustics so that the dancefloor is pumping but bar staff can still hear orders at the bar.
Our expertise in installing acoustic panels which match your current interior will mean your space will not only sound great but also still look great